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Blaikie Hines

Blaikie was born in New York City in 1949. He has become known regionally for his portrayal of America’s past in a style reminiscent of the mid 19th century Hudson River School. His paintings combine a softness of light and a dramatic atmosphere. Blaikie studied at Ohio State University, The Britsh Museum, Yale University British Art Center Conservation Library, University of Delaware, and The New York Conservation Center. After graduation at Ohio State University, Blaikie lived in England for 5 years. After returning to America in 1976, he spent the next 14 years working in local galleries as a designer, restoration broker and picture framer. In 1988, Blaikie traveled to Northern California to study with the pre-eminent fine art conservator William Haney. Blaikie now lives in Maine dividing his time between his fine art conservation practice and painting. Blaikie’s desire for America to draw sustenance from its roots in turn nourishes his drive to enliven by-gone days. He believes when a society loses touch with its past, it loses continuity and strength.