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Kelley Schutte

Kelley Schutte, is a native Westport resident and a passionate artist, whose previous background in fashion, interior design, and painting have shaped a uniquely well-rounded talent.

Her abstract landscape style stems from her deepest inspirations in the oceans, the hills, and the sky. She spends a majority of her time in the warm weather at the beach, painting with friends and family, enjoying the views that nature has to offer.

Beyond her natural instincts to paint skylines and sea ripples, she is also capable to focus on extremely detailed oriented work, whether it be delicate flowers or interpretive spiritual halos. Kelley’s color palette favors light and dark blues, with typically hints of pink, green, yellow. Her work is meant to emote happiness and provide the gazer with a sense of freedom and contentment.

Blending her interests in both painting and design, her work is available to buy on leggings, plates, bags, and even umbrellas. The art’s calm and subtle linear symmetry makes for the perfect clothing design that is dainty while also being a vibrant statement. What better to compliment your beach ensemble than an umbrella that reflects the wonderful beach view.

Her education from Fashion Institute of Technology and San Francisco Art Institute, her dedication as a loving parent of three, and her love for the town that has given her such wonderful inspiration for her art has allowed her to be the unique artist she is today.