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Thomas Glen Hacker, aka TomÁsio, started painting after an inspiring trip to Boulder, Colorado in his mid-20s. Once back home, he got busy on the canvas and realized he had a passion for the abstract.

Growing up watching his father, mother, and sister paint impressionistic, abstract, and realistic works, he was surrounded by influences and subconscious stimuli.

He worked with different and challenging approaches and the more he learned and experimented, he eventually came to realize that in painting he had discovered his own philosophy.

As a process, it’s one whereby he’s able to channel sensory information, leading to internalization, retention, interpretation, analyzation, and finally abstraction, where he’s able to reintroduce this information into creative form.

TomÁsio states, “I want my work to have a calming, tranquil or conversely excitable and stirring impression amongst other effects, while my subject matter plays off of themes like nature, space, dreams, fantasy, film and literature and my past experiences.”

“As far as how they impact the viewer,” he added, “I’ll leave that up to you.”