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Carolyn Childs

Painter Carolyn Childs is a Connecticut native, certified art teacher, and Darien mom. She is inspired by the New England coast and pulls from its beauty for her paintings. The shoreline has always been integral in her life.

The shoreline has always been an integral part of her life. The paintings in this exhibit draw from a view of calm and mindful presence.

The paintings are all encaustic, an ancient painting method in which wax and pigment are fused onto a surface with heat. . Childs uses a small travel-size iron as her main tool. The iron is used as her palette and for applying the wax to the substrate. She uses careful management of heat and manipulation of the iron to create sublime scenes.

The small artworks engage the viewer to look closer and be present in the moment. These original compact paintings beautifully provide an elevated aesthetic experience.

Childs is a certified K-12 art teacher, and has a BFA in Creative Arts Therapy, and an MA in Art Education Leadership, with a focus on mindfulness and art.